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Party Enhancements

Photo Booths

Photo Booths

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Open Air Booth

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360 Booth

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Mirror Booth

     The Newest Rage at Wedding and Special Events is our portable Photo Booths. Just like the booths at the mall, you and your guests can have 4 separate poses taken on one 2 inch by 6 inch photo strip. There are 2 photo strips printed per session. We customize our strips with your name, company logo and event date. Our high quality photo booths produce crystal clear photos and print in less than a minute so your guests can get right back to your party. Our booths can fit in any size venue.

Our Photo Booth Packages Include:

Unlimited Photos



Instant Uploads of your photos

A trained technician to assists you and your guests.

All Set Up & Breakdown

LED Up-Lighting

     LED Up-Lighting can create a mood and enhance the decor of any event. It can transform a cold boring room into something elegant and exciting. Our LED fixtures are completely wireless, and you can choose any color in the rainbow. With our LED fixtures, you have the option to change the color in the entire room with one push of a button. Because our fixtures are battery operated, there are no unsightly cords taped to the floor and they will never cause a problem with your venues power requirements. With the dramatic look of LED Up-Lighting you can create the room atmosphere you dreamed about. 

Monogram Lighting

     Your Name In Lights! Our monogram gobo fixtures will allow you to customize your event with your names, initials or company logo. Our fixtures also rotate to create a slow spinning effect. You provide us your design and we can create it. 

Pin Spot Lighting

     Pin Spot Lighting enhances elements at your event such as table center pieces, cakes and other focal points. Pin Spots highlight these elements and make them stand out and glow in person and in photographs. Our pin spot fixtures are wireless and can be easily installed in all venues.

Dance Floor & Wall Draping

     Pipe and Drape is a unique way to bring a "Wow" factor to the decor to your event. It can be applied in a number of ways to transform your event space. It can be used to accent a dance floor or provide and elegant backdrop for a ceremony or entertainment stage. It can also be used to hide unwanted areas you would prefer not to see. We can up-light or project images and patterns on the drapes to create the look you desire. Pipe and Drape can transform a cold room into a warm and elegant event space.

The Cloud

     Imagine "Dancing On A Cloud". This magical dry ice effect will make you feel like you are on top of the world as you dance on a carpet of gentle rolling clouds. Our dry ice machines are completely safe and will not set off any smoke alarms. We will make sure everyone in attendance enjoys this spectacular effect while insuring there will be no damage to your venue.

Sparkler Fountains

Make your event "Sparkle". Our amazing Sparkler Fountains create a stunning effect for for grand entrance or any other visual display. These machines use cold spark technology that make them completely safe. No Heat, No Smoke, No Odor, No Worries.

Add the "Sizzle" to your event. 

LED Dance Floor

    A good dance floor is a main attraction for your guests to let their hair down and let loose. Our 16ft. by 16ft. LED dance floor is  fully programmable with hundreds of colors and pre-set patterns that will dazzle your event in a way you have never seen before.    Dancing on this LED dance floor is like dancing on a sea of lights that will transform your event into another world

LED Video Wall

     Stunning Visualization! That is what you add to your event with our LED Video Wall. Our 12ft by 8ft video wall projects any image or video in stunning high definition. We can customize graphics such photo montages, company logos or any video ideas you have for your event. A LED Video Wall will take your entertainment experience to a another level.

LED Starlite & Twinkle Curtains

     Our LED Starlite & Twinkle Curtains add a glowing effect to enhance any backdrop. The 20ft. by 10ft. Twinkle Curtains come with white LEDs and the 20ft. by 10ft. Starlite Curtains come in white or multi-color LEDs. They look great as a backdrop for a ceremony, head table or entertainment stage.


     Our modular staging can be set up in any size combination to fit the space provided. Our staging is black carpeted and black skirted. We also offer custom stage floors to coordinate with your event theme. Our staging will add an elegant look to your event space and accent your entertainment, head table or anything else you want to stand out.

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