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Meet The Band

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NICHOLAS CASCIANO Lead Vocalist, Guitar, Percussion

Nick Casciano formed The Heartbeats in 1990. Nick is multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He has an extremely wide vocal range and a uinque ability to sound like the artists that he sings. Nick is an accomplished drummer and also plays guitar, bass and piano. Nick has been performing professionally since he was a child and with over 40 years of experience in the entertainment business "He Knows How To Run A Party". His creative vision and tireless hard work continues to guide The Heartbeats, as he handles every aspect of this incredibly successful band.


Band Leader

Patty Balbo    Lead Vocalist, Acoustic Guitar

Patty Balbo is The Heartbeats longest tenured female vocalist. She is an incredibly talented vocalist and musician. Patty is our "Rock". She has an extremely versatile vocal style which allows her to sing any style of music. She is also an accomplished acoustic guitarist and is The Heartbeats vocal arranger. Patty has sang and recorded with such artists as Shawn King & Marie Osmond as well as sang on numerous jingles and commercials. Patty's talent and entertainment experience is vital to the success of The Heartbeats.

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Tricia Rodio    Lead Vocalist


Eliza Vitale        Lead Vocalist

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Jim Bowman  Bass Guitar, Background Vocalist

Jim Bowman was the first and only bass player in The Heartbeats and has been with the band since 1991. Jim has been performing since elementary school and is well versed in all styles of music. His consistently solid bass playing lays the groove for The Heartbeats infectious sound. Jim also has a wide vocal range. His deep bass harmonies and lead voice fill out the vocal section of the band. Jim is also one of The Heartbeats music arrangers. He brings an energetic quality to the stage that keep The Heartbeat performances Fun & Energetic. 

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Ernie McAndrews   Keyboards, Background Vocalist

Ernie McAndrews is one of the founding members of The Heartbeats. ​Ernie is a classically trained pianist. He is technically very proficient on his instrument and his advanced knowledge of keyboard programming plays a large part in giving The Heartbeats their authentic sound. Ernie's lead and back round vocal ability adds to the harmony of The Heartbeats and his behind the scenes producing abilities keep The Heartbeat's sound fresh and on the cutting edge.

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Bugzy               Guitar, Lead & Backround Vocalist

Bugzy joined The Heartbeats in 2007. He has performed and acted in numerous television and 

radio commercials (Coors Light, Matchbox, Pizza Hut, Guess Jeans), and has toured the U.S. 

with his own group "Bugzy" which was signed by Iguanua / Interscope records. Bugzy has 

composed music for film, (HBO's "Deep Blue"), as well singing and playing on several other independent films. Bugzy is also very active in promoting music education. Bugzy's stage presence, flawless guitar playing and strong vocals give The Heartbeats their Rock n' Roll sound.

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Jose Diaz         Drums & Percussion

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Tony Bethel      Trombone, Lead & Backround Vocalist

Tony Bethel joined The Heartbeats in 1999. Tony started performing professionally in High School. 

A music major from Temple University, Tony toured the country with the band Blue Magic and has 

performed and recorded with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire & Donnie Hathaway. 

Tony's trombone playing gives The Heartbeats horn section it's "Big Sound". His inviting personality 

and smooth vocal style bring a soulful element to the band that just makes you wanna get up and dance.

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Jake Lane has been performing since he was a child. He is an accomplished Trumpet & Flugel Horn Player. He has performed over the years with many of the "Philly Sound" bands. The high tones that come from his trumpet give The Heartbeats horn section it's "Punch"

Jacob Lane      Trumpet


Jason O'Mara    Saxophone & Flute

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