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Dear Nick,

We wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for making our daughter's wedding day absolutely magical. Your incredible performance added an enchanting and joyful atmosphere to the celebration, and we couldn't have been more thrilled with your talent and professionalism.

From the moment you started playing, the dance floor was never empty. Your music resonated with our guests, and we received countless compliments about how wonderful you all sounded. The way you adapted to the crowd's energy and played a mix of songs that suited all ages and tastes was truly remarkable.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into preparing for the wedding. Your attention to detail and ability to create a seamless and memorable musical experience were evident throughout the evening. It was a pleasure working with you, and we can't thank you enough for being a part of this special day.

Please extend our thanks to each member of the band for their exceptional performance. Your contribution played a significant role in making the day unforgettable. We would highly recommend your services to anyone seeking a professional and talented musical group for their events.

Thank you again for everything you did to make our daughter's wedding day one that we will cherish forever. See you at the League!

Warm regards,

Frank & Eileen Longo


    We know it sounds cliche, but a thousand thank you's couldn't adequately express how appreciative we are for everything you did for us for our wedding. We've been fortunate enough to go to many weddings over the last few years, and we can honestly say that there isn't a better band in the business. All night, the only thing we ever heard being said about the band was that this was the best band they've ever seen and jealously asking us where we found you. We've also never seen anything quite like what happened when you busted out Con Te Partiro - one by one, conversation among the tables came to a stop, as everyone was fixated on what a magical performance they were getting, until jumping out of their chairs to give a boisterous standing O! Never. Seen. Anything. Like. That.

From Mike - I can't believe you remembered from one conversation that we had a year ago (yes, it was a year ago) that I was in a band, and yet when I came up to speak to you after your break, the first words out of your mouth were "So what are you going to do with us tonight?" That's some memory you have there, my friend. It really meant a lot to me that you were willing to get me up there, so thank you for that moment.

Frankly, there isn't much else that can be said. The night was utter perfection, and the biggest reason for that was your performance. 6 hours for a reception is an eternity, and yet when the last chord rang out at midnight, that dance floor was still packed to the gills. You were absolutely tremendous from start to finish. Not that you need any help filling dates, but we will gladly send a recommendation to anyone we know who is looking for a band (yes, even though I'm in one!), because there can only be one best, and that's you.

From both of us, our most heartfelt (see what we did there?) thanks and appreciation. You made our wedding a night that everyone will remember for a long, long time. Cheers,    Jamie and Mike Block 


     Do yourself a favor and just book them. Right now.

I am not kidding when I say EVERY. SINGLE. GUEST. is STILL talking about "your amazing wedding band" / "Best wedding band I have ever heard in over 15 years of attending weddings" / "where did you find them" / "how can they sing Italian opera but also rap?" Yes, you heard that last one right! The Heartbeats are THE reason that our wedding was amazing! Our wedding had about 105 guests, which isn't that large, and I was really nervous that the dance floor would be empty a majority of the night and some of the older people and/or newer faces wouldn't want to get up and dance. I've seen that too often at other weddings. I was seriously having dreams about this. With The Heartbeats playing that couldn't have been farther from the truth! Not one moment was the dance floor empty. Even my in-laws were dancing (and my husband and brother in law were SHOCKED - in 30 years they have never seen their parents get up and dance..imagine!) I can't pick a most memorable moment because there were so many. Here are some of my favorites!-Nick singing our first dance song, and sounding EXACTLY like Elvis-Trish singing "Let It Go" and me actually enjoying that song... only an hour later to start RAPPING Nicki Minaj's part in "Bang Bang" and KILLING IT! -Nick singing "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli in front of my husbands family (they are from Sicily) and them giving him a standing ovation -Wrapping up the night with "Don't Stop Believing" like you've never seen it before! Nick in the middle of the dance floor with EVERY GUEST jumping and singing along!! Total mosh pit moment! Guests chanted "ONE MORE SONG!" for 5 minutes even after the venue lights turned on!A million thank you's to The Heartbeats for an INCREDIBLE night that I will NEVER forget!!! You all made this night so special and amazing not only for us, but all of our guests! Can't wait to renew my vows so I can have them play for us again! Kristen and Luca

     The Heartbeats are the gold standard for wedding bands. They played everything from Bocelli, to Bruce Springsteen, to Lady Gaga – and brought the house down with every song. It really is true that the music is the most important variable for a successful wedding, and I can’t imagine anyone bringing it harder than Nick and crew. As great as the music was, all the logistics for song selection, bridal party details, and getting the band locked in were equally easy. A few of my engaged friends who were in attendance already signed them up for their upcoming weddings – and I can’t wait to see them in action again. A must hire. See you all at Kix this summer!  Joe Lavan



     What can I say? You and the Heartbeats absolutely made our wedding day the most memorable and you made the party one that all of our guests will remember forever! We went back to Bogey's the day after the wedding and even the staff there said they had never seen a better band and party at their venue! Every single guest made it a point to tell me and Wally how awesome you guys were and how talented and professional you all were. When we were planning the wedding we were really focused on creating a great party and a memory, not just pictures to look back on, but a great memory. Thank you for caring about what you do with such passion and professionalism and delivering to Wally and me and my guests one hell of a party! You are simply the best!! Beth & Wally


Hi Nick

     Hope your travels back home from Georgia went well. I just wanted to write you personally to thank you and the band for another fantastic night. The business partner sent an email to us that night to say,” Book them for next year right now! We loved them!”. So looks like we will need you in Park City, Utah next year (if you are available!). Sharon and Patty will reach out with dates. I am going to try and bring my husband to see you guys the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in Feasterville. Thanks again and please tell the band how happy you all made the guests.  

             Neha Kowal Head of Conference and Event Marketing Guardian Life Insurance Company


Dear Nick, 

I was going to call you in the next day or so.  I can not begin to tell you how wonderful you and your band ensemble were. Oh, what a night!        It was the best party and night  of my life.  All of my friends were overjoyed and thrilled.  I didn’t want the evening to end.  I can’t thank you enough!  I want to come to see you and the band again. My friend, Patti, who is a party person, said your band was the best ever. Everyone was raving about the Heartbeats. Cody and the photo booth was perfect. You made my birthday special and I feel so young. Can’t wait for another occasion to be with the Heartbeats.  Thank you so very much!   Please stay in touch and let me know when and where you are appearing.       You were awesome!! Love,  Marcia


     The Heartbeats are the absolute best. We had our wedding on 01/14/18 and we still have guests commenting on how awesome the band was! They provided such great energy during our reception, and even got 'non-dancers' up on the dance floor. Their song repertoire is larger than any other band that we researched, and they knew exactly what to play to please the crowd. Every musician in the band is extremely talented, and they are also affordable! I highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks for making our wedding day so memorable. Regina & Justin

Dear Nick,

Marty and I  want to thank you for the time of our lives.  Your band was outstanding amazing. We took a leap of faith as we heard you 2-3 times but we really didn't stay long at Eden lounge and your showcase is not long enough.  Just kidding, make the showcase 4 hours long and we will be there every month!  

The dinner singing of that song that we DID hear at a showcase.  I wondered if it was coming.  My little brother was even amazed and he is my rocker brother. My other brother is in a band in Cleveland and he looked obsessed with you guys all night.  Marty's cousin plays bass in Colorado, and they know bands out there. She loved you guys.  

My favorite comment from my neighbor Debbie, who is about 68, and doesn't dance at weddings. She stood on the dance floor crying and kept saying come here come here and dance with me. I did my best! I didn't eat or drink.     I don't know what the flowers looked like. it's a shame cause we spent a lot of time picking liquor and flowers!      Oh - back to my neighbor, she said did you find them?  Did you google "best band ever"?

thank you all. You don't even have a big internet presence with reviews. We can all write one. I know what you do all year with the insurance companies etc.  If you need us to talk to anyone at anytime for a review, please do not hesitate to ask Marty or I. We had a long process to pick a band, but in my heart....I had love for The Heartbeats.  



    Thank you so much! You and the band were amazing. Tough to compete with gaming tables but you did it!! What an amazingly talented & professional group. It's easy to see why you are so successful nationally. 

Congratulations on your continued success and thank you for bringing the party to life! 

Let's get another gig on the books soon. Jennifer Davies  General Manager  Commonwealth National Golf Club


Hi Nick,

I hope you are doing well!  Rob and I just got back from our honeymoon in BoraBora and it was amazing!  

I needed to thank you again for such an unbelievable performance! You guys were over the top fabulous! All of our guests keep saying oh my gawd that band!!! They could play any and everything. They had such versatility and range.  And then holy moly was that actually Tina Turner.  From the bottom of my heart,  thank you! You made our wedding a day that we will remember for ever.  Numerous guests said it was the best wedding they've ever attended solely because the band was so phenomenal. I still can't believe how perfectly the night went and how you were able to reach out to your friend last minute and get her to sing my favorite song.  Thank you thank you thank you for that. I know you guys are playing the DNC this week so good luck! I've been keeping my eye out for you but maybe you are in a side room warming speakers up.  Enjoy the VIP moment.  You are amazingly talented and should be so proud of your achievements and how far you've come.  Nothing but the best for you...I fully intend to send all of my single ladies that get engaged your way! Much love! Bridget & Rob


     WOW! I was blown away by The Heartbeats - I have never seen a wedding band that comes close to these guys. Our guests couldn't stop telling us how they felt like they were at a concert - everyone danced all night!!! What talent, what a great song selection, so many amazing voices, fantastic lighting, horns and all - it was amazing! Nick was so kind and great to work with, and they were so flexible about letting my friends and I perform a song at the reception. The songs they played were dance-able and not overdone - every selection made me smile. I loved they way they had dance sessions throughout the dinner service as well to keep the party moving. Live music was so important to me, and there is nothing as wonderful as an amazing band that rocks the house. They exceeded my expectations, they were so, so, so, good and made our event a fun, joyous celebration. Book them early for your wedding, they are SO worth it!!!   Meghan & Shawn


     YOU GUYS KILLED IT ON FRIDAY!!  We couldn't have asked for more.  Cate and I had an absolute blast.  Since Friday, we've been bombarded with comments from our friends who said things like "where did you find that band, they were amazing", and "that is easily the best band I've ever seen at a wedding" and "greatest band in the history of weddings".  I heard you may have even given out a couple of business cards to our engaged friends.  We can't wait to see The Heartbeats play again at Brandon and Kim's Wedding in Long Island next March!
Please feel free to use us as references in the future.  We'd be happy to tell your prospective clients how great you were to work with and how great your performance was. Thanks Again, Kevin & Cate


Dear Nick,
We are still floating on cloud nine. The extraordinary evening for our family lingers on. We want to thank you for making Annette and Anthony's wedding spectacular. For us it was the wedding of the century!
I have gotten so many calls , texts, e mails, Facebook messages saying how fabulous you and the band and the singers were. When we met I told you you were the most important part of the evening.
We wanted the danced floor filled and wanted our family and friends to be partying all night, CHECK
We wanted the evening to run smoothly and be coordinated with VIE CHECK
We wanted the music selection to be what the kids wanted. CHECK
We wanted the specials songs to be learned by your group.CHECK
We wanted the ceremony music to be timed and beautifully sung. CHECK
We couldn't have asked for more. We just wanted to make sure you knew how much you and your team added to a very magical evening. Please let them know. We look forward to seeing you in the future, maybe music fest or sea aisle, or the next event we run.         Thanks again Barbara and Steve Shotz

The Heartbeats,

     Thank you do much for making our wedding what is was tonight. The energy you brought to the dance floor was everything we could 

have wanted and more. We can't thank you enough for being a part of our special day and can't wait to recommend you to all our friends!

Marisa & Jordan



     We both want to thank the Heartbeats from the bottom of our hearts for such AMAZING entertainment at our wedding on 9/20/14. I can't even tell you how many people have commented on how wonderful you guys were. The quick turn-around on learning new songs amazed me, personally, the most. It was unbelievable how similar the songs sounded to the actual tracks. Killed it!! Everyone had a BLAST. Even family members who typically do not dance were breaking it down on the dance floor. We talked about having a dual 30th birthday party simply to have you guys entertain again(mind you our birthdays are in Nov and Jan respectively, not close to eachother ha). We'd have you perform at every party if we could!! Thank you for all of your help in coordinating our day. It was absolutely perfect from the onset. After seeing the showcase, we knew we wanted The Heartbeats at our reception. There wasn't a question in our minds. The band's musical diversity was incredible. You truly know how to play to every audience member and get them off their feet! It is very evident that you have been doing this for a while demonstrated by your level of professionalism and immediate responsiveness. You know how to enhance your customer's experience and make the planning process simple, efficient, and most importantly not stressful! Not only was the music fantastic(definitely an understatement) but the uplighting, the pinspots, and the photo booth (and of course the fun and friendly attendant--your wife!) made the reception that much better! We were so impressed by how you worked so flawlessly with our venue to coordinate each moment of the day. Thank you again. Please forward this message to everyone in the band. They were phenominal and the utmost passion for music is clear-cut by all members. We definitely want to hire The (bombdiggity) Heartbeats again ha! Sorry for the delayed correspondence. Just got back from 10 days in Aruba! Trying to get back to reality here.....

Danielle Costello and Patrick Knabel


Hi Nick and All The Heartbeats,

     We just wanted to thank you for an absolutely fantastic time at our son’s wedding on Friday night.  

The Heartbeats Killed It!  Everyone is talking about the wedding and then they ask... “Oh My Gosh, Where Did You Find That Band?”  From the minute you walked into the Atrium it was as if the party had already begun.  The band was so versatile in the song selections, your appearance and dress of all the band members and your professionalism throughout the entire event was a total CLASS ACT!  Everything you promised was delivered and then some.  Because it was in the Atrium, I was very concerned about the sound but you promised that you could handle it and it would be fine.  Once again, you came through with flying colors! Nick, thank you so much for making our special day a total success.  Rest assured I,  along with all of the guests will for sure be recommending the Heartbeats.

Most sincerely, Paul & Nancy Cuttic

     I just wanted to send an email to thank you so much for everything you and your team did for our wedding!  It turned out amazing thanks to everyone involved and we couldn’t be happier with each of our vendors!  I will defiantly be passing and spreading your information around, if there is anything else we can do to help you out let us know! Nick, I know you are one busy man, but I needed to write you a note to thank you for making our wedding the best wedding ever (from me and Jeff and from all our guests).  Your team has the most amazing talent, I have already heard people stating they are becoming "groupies" to your group :)....we look forward to seeing you play again at various locations!  And again, not that you all don't already know this but your the best band around, BEST by a long stretch, thanks for knocking it out of the park!     Jeff and Colleen Sheehan


Hi Nick, 

     Thank you soooo much for such an amazing job last weekend! I keep getting so many compliments on how great the band was. You truly MADE my wedding an unbelievable experience! You KILLED our first dance- it sounded exactly how I wanted it to sound and the the horns were perfect. The draping was so elegant and looks so great in pictures. Everything was perfect... I just can't say enough! 

Where can I post a review? It's the least I could do! :) Ashley Relova Mlodzinski


     Yes, they really are that good!! Every time I see people who attended our wedding they tell me that it was the most fun they've ever had at a wedding!   Meghan A

Hi Nick,

     Thanks again for everything!! You guys were great, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves at the wedding- it was amazing! Thank you so much, and hopefully we'll catch you guys again sometime.   Take care,    Steve and Alexandra



    Nick and the Heartbeats were tremendous. The Dance Floor was always filled with very happy wedding guests. The band truly made the wedding a party. The entire band ensemble added to the evening's success. Their music selections were on point. There is a great amount of talent in the band and their strengths were very evident throughout the evening. The guests were in awe of the band and the compliments I received for Nick and the Heartbeats were nothing short of amazing. Thank you Nick and the Heartbeats for setting the stage for a memorable and fun wedding! I highly recommend Nick and the Heartbeats.   Patricia Beuchler



Thank you so much for making Meg’s wedding so much fun!  You are so professional and the band was absolutely amazing.  Everyone commented about how great you were and how fun you were – just what we wanted!!   Many people wanted your information for future reference!   You really made the wedding truly memorable.  Your band is so talented.  I couldn’t ask for more.  Also, thanks for being flexible and letting Meg and her friends sing.  I will always recommend you.  We can’t thank you enough! Best, Rosie Santulli



Everyone loved the music.  Will never forget your singer on the shoulders of one of the guys! Can't make that stuff up. It was a memorable party and the music was key.  I was on the dance floor most of the night and just had a blast.  We are all looking forward to July 30th and Jamie's wedding. I'll have one more daughter to marry off (maybe next year) and I'll be sure to book your band. Thank you very much for an enjoyable professional performance and one that read the crowd very well.  Paul Cucco



     You were wonderful last night. What a fantastic evening!!!! The Band was simply AMAZING!!!! Everyone was dancing all night long we had so much fun. From the bottom of my heart I can't thank you enough - you gave my daughter an amazing wedding day. Everyone and I mean everyone wanted to know your name. They were getting on the elevators shouting back to me what was there name again they were awesome. 

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Kathy Parker 


Nick and All The Heartbeats,

The band and singers were awesome! The sound was perfect!  Everyone enjoyed the wedding and the band was one of the major reasons why!  Sending a heartfelt thank you. I will definitely recommend your band to others. Sincerely, Carol Cappiali (mother of bride). 



     Thanks for making our wedding celebration a big hit with fantastic music. Ypu've helped us create a memorable beginning to Happy Ever After. Best Wishes Heather & Chris Davis


     What an experience! The Heartbeats are the best investment you can make on your wedding day. The professionalism and experience they bring to the party cannot be put into words. They had everyone up and on the dance floor from the beginning until the very end. Nick is extremely flexible and willing to work with you on any of your personal song requests. They know how to work a crowd and keep your evening elegant and classy with tons of fun. Heck, they even let me sing with them!!!!! We still have people ask us where we found this band. The guests raved about them and continue to. Thank you Nick and The Heartbeats for an amazing evening, you all are the real deal!!! We would highly recommend The Heartbeats for your wedding entertainment!!!!!    BJ and Danielle


     Steve and I are sitting in the airport right now waiting for our flight to Mexico (WOO!!) and truly can't stop talking about how fantastic the wedding was and how amazing you all were. Truly, thank you SO much for making our wedding the best day of our lives. 

Best, Mr and Mrs McManus 


     Thank you so much for an AWESOME time on Saturday night. I never saw so many people up and dancing from the first song to the last at any venue! You made our daughters wedding the one of her dreams because of your music. If I closed my eyes on most songs, I would have thought the actual artist was in the room! Thanks for being so wonderful. We will keep you in mind for the next two daughters!

Cathie and Dom


My wife and I wanted to tell you how great of a job your band did at Lauren and Sean's Wedding.  Every person I spoke to commented on how great the music was and how it really made the Wedding.  Your Celine Dion song for the Father/daughter dance was perfect.  I will gladly suggest your Band to anyone planning an event.    Joanne and Mike Fox


Jodi said... 
     Nick and his crew are amazing! Including my cousin's wedding, this is the fourth time my family has used them. Each and every time they have people up on the dance floor, whereas at some other affairs the band is not as energetic. Nicks brings it all and knows how to keep the party going throughout any event. Tony on Sax, Lindsay Pagano (from the Voice) on vocals, are just two of the great people, that Nick has on his crew. We even had dry ice blow for our first dance, and it was almost like we were dancing on a cloud- can you say magical? I can not say enough great things about the Heartbeats. In addition, some bands allow prospective clients to come to an event without asking the bride. Nick called me a week or two before my wedding and asked me, and said it was totally up to me. My mom and I were okay with such- but it just comes to show that on the night of your wedding, the Heartbeats will make you feel like a princess and that it is truly all about you!



     A HUGE thank you to you and the band. You guys were amazing and completely made the night for our guests and for us. We couldn't have asked for a better party. And a special thanks for letting me sing with you guys. Definitely an awesome experience for me! Thank you again!



     Thank you so much for helping to make our day perfect. We couldn't have asked for things to go any more smoothly than they did. Thank you all for being so fabulous! We really appreciate it. We have gotten so many compliments on how awesome the band was! Thanks for keeping the party going!

Melissa and Matt


Hi Nick,

     Just wanted to reach out to say Thank You for doing an amazing job at our wedding. Our guests LOVED YOU GUYS!. We still have people talking about The Heartbeats.   Lauren


Lauren said... 
     The Heartbeats were the band at my cousin’s wedding 3 years ago. We remembered having a great time and kept them in mind when we got engaged. We went to one of their showcases in their studio and they blew us away! Nick was very professional, quickly answered emails, and was very friendly. The Hearbteats have a song list which includes over 1,800 songs! We used the Heartbeats for our ceremony music where they learned our requested bridal processional and recessional songs without any problems. We also used them for our cocktail hour music, reception, and their LED uplighting package. The uplighting was tastefully done and really made the room pop and our guests say “Wow!” Nick and the Heartbeats had our guests on their feet all night long and were really able to get a feel from the crowd over which genre of songs were working and which ones didn’t. All of our guests have raved about how amazing our band was and I would recommend The Heartbeats to anyone looking for a great wedding band that will have your guests and you dance the night away!


     We had the Heartbeats at our wedding last night. I can't begin to say enough wonderful things about their performance.. The music was great!! Nick was an excellent MC. He was able to get everyone up and dancing...even the non-dancers. My daughter did not want a band. After speaking to Nick, she was excited about hearing them. By the end of the daughter was raving about them as was all of our guests. Nick is very accommodating. He will play whatever you want. I had asked him to play a few of my favorite song but told him to "go with the flow" . By the end of the night all of my songs had been played. I can't say enough good things about the band. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!"  


Trish said... 
    You want you wedding to be over the The Heartbeats! The dance floor was never empty! Nick is wonderful to work with and the talent they all have is amazing! We were asked all night for their information, so can't wait to see them at the next wedding. Please check out The Heartbeats you won't be sorry!


Planning a wedding is hard and stressful. Do yourself a favor, book the heartbeats and I can tell you right now, you can get married in a shoebox without food or drink and your wedding will still be ranked in your family and friends' top 5 events of all time. This band is that good.


Donal said... 
     It was a helleuva party! All thanks to The Heartbeats and Nick who was great to work with!


Hi Nick,

     I meant to write you after the wedding, before Elena & left for our honeymoon, to thank you for the wonderful performance by the band. We keep hearing raving reviews from our guest how great you guys were and how you drove the party. Thank you for making our day so great!

Jason & Elena


Hi Nick, Dan and I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for being so wonderful on Saturday. My wedding commented on the band and said it was the highlight of the evening. Thank you so much and good luck with all of your travels ! Laura and Dan


Hi Nick,

Another fabulous party – you guys continue to be the best around.  I’m so glad our paths crossed at the Leukemia Benefit all those years ago.  Just wanted to let you know David and I both agreed we can’t do any better for either location or band so if you’re game, we want to get you under contract for next year at the Queen.   Have a wonderful Christmas,   Kay   Nuclear Electric Insurance Linited


Hi Nick,

I wanted to say thank you so much for the great entertainment and performance last Friday!  The Heartbeats really made the party and people are still raving about you guys!  Thank you so much!  Great job!!

We are thinking of next year already, and wanted to know if you guys were free Friday, December 11, 2015?  We would love to have you guys back!

Thanks again for everything!

Marianne      Nextgen Health Care


Hi Nick! 

Sorry for the delayed response. Finally have some down time on our honeymoon. Reflecting on our wedding, you guys were phenomenal. As you saw, we didn't leave the dance floor. Thank you to your talented band for creating what was most likely- the best part of our wedding. 

Many thanks!    Kristen and Mike



     Wow. I'm not sure where to start- The Heartbeats were nothing short of incredible! Every person that came up to my wife and I at our reception had to know who The Heartbeats were, where you were from, and how we found out about such an amazing band. You are a truly talented group of musicians, and your range of songs really got everyone going and dancing. Words can't express how thankful Rach and I are for how you and your band treated our flower girls as well; being up there with you is something they will never forget. We will certainly be recommending you (insistently) to anyone we know getting married- and I know for a fact that both of our families will be talking about The Heartbeats for a very long time to come.

Thank you for a perfect wedding and for being the professional, personable, and energetic people you are.

With love,   Vinny and Rach



     I just wanted to thank you and the rest of the band for the huge part you played in making the wedding reception such a success.  All through the night (and for  the next several days) I received compliments on  my choice of bands. Obviously, everyone there enjoyed the music and filled the dance floor.  Probably the only wedding I have been to where I danced the whole time.  Most importantly, the bride and groom had a great time and  loved it all.  It was really nice of you to learn the song for Kelli and to let my niece sing.  Again, many thanks,  Clare Toland


     Not one person wasn't out on the dance floor the night of my wedding, this band truly knows how to get the party started! We lost power twice at the venue and they still managed to make it work, some guests never even realized we lost the power! They worked so well with us for everything making song selections when I wasn't sure what I wanted and learning songs they never played before just to make me happy! I can't wait to go check this band out again because they are awesome live and I could not have gone with a better band. Best wedding ever and entertainment is one of the most important things at any event! Loved Them!!! Searched and saw a lot of bands during the wedding process and NOBODY compared to them. If your looking for awesome entertainment and plan on dancing the whole night they are your band! Nick was such a good help loved them all! Even let me on stage to sing with them and performed with my brother it was so great! You must go with this band so much fun!!


    The Heartbeats played at our wedding July 4, and people can't stop talking about it! Not only were they GREAT to work with, but they had the dance floor packed all night! Guests did not want to sit and eat dinner bc of how much fun they were having as soon as they entered the venue! We danced all night! And even those "non dancers " were all over our dance floor. The heartbeats got every age group on the floor and we could not be happier! They sounded AMAZING ! Some of our guests who are members of other philadelphia wedding bands were astonished by how well they played, especially given the acoustical challenge of our venue! We had such an amazing night and we owe it all to Nick and The Heartbeats!  Abby & Liam


Hey Nick,

      I wanted to call and tell you how amazing you guys were but I figured I wouldn't bother you on a Sunday. But honestly, you seriously killed it last night!!!  We loved every second of it and we have been hearing so many compliments about the band.  Most of them being "best wedding band I have ever heard".  You truly made our night and made the party!!!  Thank you so much.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. I will recommend you to everyone who's looking...and if there is somewhere that I can write a review, let me know. Thank you so much for everything. For learning our songs, and for playing them and singing them beautifully.  And the Time to Say Goodnight almost had me in tears.  Loved it! We enjoyed every second of yesterday and owed so much of that to you!!!  Please keep us posted when you are playing open shows because Ryan and I (and the rents) will be there with bells on!!!

Love,   Jen & Ryan


      I am sorry I barely got to say hello or thank you or anything the day of the wedding but I want you to let know that you guys were AMAZING!!! I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments we got on the band and I have given your contact info to a bunch of nurses I work with so I hope that you book a few more weddings from that! Thank you again who knows when I will actually get thank you cards out but you guys could not have been better we are so happy that we chose The Heartbeats!! Also, our photographer took a few photos of the band so if you would like to use them for your website there are some great pics of you guys and also of an absolutely packed dance floor that I am sure would be great for advertising - If you want them let me know and I will figure out how I can forward them along.

Thank you again! Best, Angela & Charlie



     Hope all is well. Joanna and I both just want to say thank you for such an amazing performance from the Heartbeats. You guys kept the party going all night and all of our friends and family are still raving about you guys. The song selection/playlist was perfect. You guys absolutely killed it and I couldn't be happier with the job you guys did! I will be sure to write great reviews on sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot. We are the first of our friends to get married and will be sure to recommend you. Also really appreciate you throwing in Lazy Mary at the end, thought it was a great way to end a great night! As a side note we had the lead singer to another Philadelphia wedding band attend our wedding and he said "That was the best band I have ever heard play in that room."         Thank you again,  Dave & Joanna


Hi Nick,

     I wanted to truly thank you for absolutely everything you did on our wedding night. All we heard all night (and for the last couple of weeks) was how amazing the band was. I was so nervous and overwhelmed that day and you handled the reception perfectly—we cannot thank you enough. The music and vocals were amazing and the reception flowed so so well. Thank you so much for everything—we truly appreciate it. Best wishes,                                                     Christina and Dan


     We wanted to tell you how much we loved having your band at the wedding. The energy was amazing, the song selections were great, and it ended in the perfect dance party! Everyone had so much fun, and we got tons and tons of compliments on you guys. I've already given your name to a few friends, so hopefully you'll have some more business coming your way :) Thanks again for being so accommodating and for meeting with my family on multiple occasions!

Take care!  Jess & Alex Sedler

The Heartbeats blew us away, a non-stop party that everyone is still talking about. I am so glad I listened to my friend who told me to hire The Heartbeats. They were great to deal with, played songs that we choose and truly made our wedding a huge success. Thank you Nick and The Heartbeats for everything!


Hi Nick,

     I have been meaning to send you an email to let you know that The Heartbeats made our daughter's wedding day truly a day to remember.  Your band is fabulous!!  I definitely want to see them again! Thanks also for all your help! You were wonderful to work with and I hope I can see you at another wedding.  I never dance, but I danced all night!  My feet still hurt!! Please thank your band.

Debbie Shoemaker and Family


Dear Nick,

    Perfection. That describes your performance on Sunday night. You and the band were unbelievably incredible, from the start of the evening til the end. Your singers belong on Broadway...they were marvelous. You played such a wonderful range of music, from Motown to classic to top 40 (do they still call it that?). I was so proud of all of you. Guests kept commenting throughout the evening about how awesome the band was. You made my husband and I look good! Most importantly, you showcased the bride and groom. They had a blast at their own wedding, and it showed. You had such a handle on their personalities. Nick, please know how grateful we are for your performance on this most wonderful occasion. Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me if you need a referral. It would be my pleasure. Thank you again...                      Carla Shafer


Dear Nick,

     Honestly, it's really true what they say, "Music makes a Wedding!"  I knew from the first time that we heard you, that you and the Heartbeats would make our wedding day truly spectacular!!!  We were blown away with how amazing you all were!  I know you hear the same thing every time, but people will not stop talking about how great you all were!  It's the first thing that is mentioned when we talk to people!  The dance floor was packed the entire night!  Most importantly - you were amazing to work with.  Throughout the whole planning process, you really let me have some creative input.  You really helped us create the sound that we wanted for our day; the songs that would be meaningful to our friends and family, and as a result - it was the greatest night in our lives!!  I want to thank you so much for making our first dance so meaningful!  I didn't cry the whole day, because I was so happy and excited - but when I heard you singing our song, it sounded better than what the original has ever sounded - I lost it!  It was a beautiful moment for us!  The funnest song of the night was when you played "Little Black Back Pack" - I didn't realize that it would take on a life of itself - our friends were so surprised, and they went crazy!!!!  Every time I want to think of a great "moment" - I think about how you announced that song, brought Bryan and I up, and how it was truly the song of the night!!!  I can't thank you enough, but to say you and the Heartbeats are so talented, so professional, and by far the best Band we have ever heard!!!  Thank you for continuing to make Brides and Grooms have the best Wedding of their lives!!!  Our night has some of the greatest moments because of you, and we will treasure that forever!!!            Nicole & Bryan Flannery


Hi Nick,

      We want to thank you for last night. Your band is amazing, we received so many compliments.

You were the hit of the night!     Jeanne & Tom


Hey Nick

      We just wanted to thank you for an amazing performance by you guys on Sat!  You and your team were unbelievable and performed everything we wanted.  All of our guests commented how great you guys were and how it was the best band they have seen perform at a wedding.  Thanks again for making it a perfect night.  Looking forward to seeing you guys perform in the future somewhere            Drew & Meredith Burton


     Just a brief note to again say THANK YOU, to again tell you how INCREDIBLY AWESOME your band was and is, and how truly grateful we are for your presence in all 3 of the Becker Family weddings. I know I put a little pressure on you during my speech when I promised the room you would be the best band they ever heard and you, as always, made me look smart - a real feat within itself:-).
Thank you so much.                              Gary Becker


     Nick, I have to say 'thank you' very much for the fabulous performance you gave at our wedding last night.  Our guests raved about your band, many saying they've never heard a better performance at any affair.  I told you long ago that Donna and I had auditioned about 20 bands, and the Heartbeats was our top choice.  Your overall sound mix and balance are great, your playlist is incredible, and the individual musicians and singers are simply outstanding.  Donna and I will especially never forget the special requests, such as "At Last" and the Judy Garland medley you played for us. To use a well-worn accolade, your band made the event!  The Heartbeats, in my opinion, are worth much more than the fee you charged.  I'll highly recommend The Heartbeats whenever I have the opportunity.                          Charles J. ("Chick") Costanzi


     The Heartbeats did an amazing job at our wedding! They played exactly what we wanted to hear and couldn't have been better. So many of our guests commented on how awesome they were. Nick was great to work with and we were so pleased to have them play at our wedding. As another reviewer said, worth every penny!

                                                 Stephanie & Alex Pratt

Dear Nick and The Heartbeats,

     Jim and I want to express our gratitude for the job you did at our wedding. You guys were so awesome! You made our wedding so much fun and kept the crowd happy all night. You really made the difference between a “good” wedding and a fantastic one. I can’t tell you how many guests came up to us that evening and the next day to rave about the band. Young and old were equally impressed. We went around at the wedding to visit tables and there was nobody at them, they were all on the dance floor! So thank you again for all the hard work you guys were truly amazing, and we couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. You were worth every penny and more! It makes us feel very proud when people tell us we had the best wedding that they had ever been to and we know you guys were the ones really responsible for our success.

                                                                  Tara & James Luebbe


     Just wanted to pass on that many people raved about the music on Friday night and Susan and I thought it was great too. The band did a great job as well as the light show. Please let us know which social media you would like us to put a review on. Will always be happy to be a reference too.

                                     Thanks and God Bless. Donal and Susan.


Hi Nick,
      Thank you for an amazing night! You and the band were unreal. You made the
reception. Everyone loved you and we have given out your information to lots.
Thank you again for making our day perfect! 

                                                                  Anthony and Shelly                                                          

Dear Nick,

     Thank you so much for the wonderful performance at our wedding! Words can’t express how we feel. You guys really made our reception a night to remember. People are still calling us to say what a great band you are, and how much fun they had! You really got everyone up dancing. It was great. Thanks for allowing us on stage to sing along. We got some great pictures! You really made our wedding complete and the happiest day of our lives. Thank You!

                                                                        Janice & Matt Gorman                                        


Dear Nick and The Heartbeats,

     Thank you all so much for the fantastic performance at our wedding reception at Cescaphe Ballroom. Words cannot express how we feel! You are truly amazing! I can’t tell you how many compliments we received during and after the wedding. The musicians at cocktail hour were also wonderful! Your professionalism, hard work and attention to detail truly made the evening the most memorable night of our lives. Thank you for making our dream wedding come true!                       

                                                                              Frank & Maria Varanavage                                                   

Dear Nick and the Band,

     Mike and I wanted to write and thank all of you for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding reception. So many of our guests commented on how great you sounded, and what a wonderful variety of music you played. Everyone was happy. Every time we looked out on the dance floor it was packed, and we were very impressed by your professionalism with the crowd. Your pianist also did a nice job during the cocktail hour. It was a really nice touch. We also wanted to thank you for letting Mike come up and play guitar with the band on a couple of tunes. That was really a lot of fun for us. Thanks again for helping to make our wedding so memorable and so much fun!    

                                                                                        Heidi & Michael Dillon                                                                

 Dear Nick,

     On behalf of the Gladwyne Fire Company I wanted to take this opportunity to extend the companies thanks and appreciation for an unbelievable performance at our recognition and awards banquet. Our members and guests that attended are still talking about what an outstanding time they had on that evening. This is due to the exceptional entertainment that The Heartbeats provided for our affair.

     The Fire Company has hosted this event every other year and no one can recall the type of energy that was in the room when The Heartbeats were on stage. In topping off the evening there was not a more appropriate way to end that with The Heartbeats rendition of the Star Spangled Banner! Our next scheduled affair is in October of 2003. We are already eagerly waiting for this date to arrive to have The Heartbeats at our banquet. Once again, I want to thank you and The Heartbeats for a tremendous evening of fun and entertainment.                                     

                                                                   Andrew J. Block, Deputy Chief of Operations                                                 

Dear Nick,

     On behalf of the Federal Magistrate Judges Association, I want to extend our sincerest appreciation for the outstanding performance by The Heartbeats at our Convention Dinner Dance. The judges and their guests were thoroughly entertained. Your band members are marvelous ambassadors for the City of Philadelphia. Many of our colleagues from around the country commented that they are worried about hosting future conventions in their cities because they “will never be able to top The Heartbeats!” On a personal note, my family and I look forward to seeing your future performances in the Philadelphia area.                                        

                                              Honorable Diane M. Welsh                                                        

Dear Nick,

     I wanted to thank you for making our wedding perfect.  You were spectacular.  There was time when I turned around and was looking for Neil Diamond and the music was so diverse.  When I asked people what was their favorite part of the wedding, one hundred percent said the “Heartbeats”.  Keep in mind that the bride and groom arrived in a helicopter, my flower bill was almost as much as the reception, I handmade chocolate truffles in handmade and bride and groom boxes, and absolutely gorgeous custom linens.  I could keep going but their answer was still the “Heartbeats”.  I just can’t thank you enough,      

                                                                              Cynthia Wilber                                                              


     Thank you and your entire team for making last night’s party a wonderful event.  Your talent and class is truly unmatched!  Today, I was stopped throughout the day by many employees who conveyed how much they enjoyed your musical performance. Additionally, I also want to thank you for suggesting using both the GoBo and the photo booth. Both were great additions to the party.  As mentioned, when I was leaving last night, the photo booth was really a big hit. It goes without saying that I really appreciate your help and support throughout the years in making our holiday party a special event.  I also value your advice and friendship. And I am very proud to say that you and the members of your great band have really become an extension of our company. All the best to you and your family and all of the members of the band for a wonderful holiday season!
                            Martin Rosen  Executive Vice President and cofounder  Health Advocate, Inc.


     I highly recommend the Heartbeats. They are very thorough to make sure timing is perfect and that they include all the music that you want. Nick is very professional, quick to respond to correspondence and has performed at SO MANY locations that he can really give helpful tips on where to set-up and also things like lighting, etc. My husband's family have hired the Heartbeats for their weddings and it is because they are truly awesome. They perform a large range of music and know how to get the guests out dancing. The weddings that I have attended (including my own), the guests are all dancing and they can't believe that the wedding had ended already. I have not attended a wedding with a better band than the Heartbeats

     Nobody parties harder then The Heartbeats. They are extremely professional and most important- they play for all ages!!!! We received so many compliments from our guests. They played the entire reception and had a packed dance floor for every single song! I've never seen anything quite like it!


     You simply can not find a better wedding band! The heartbeats are an amazing wedding band and everyone was up dancing through our entire reception. They are easy to work with, reasonably priced and worth it!! A great band with great musicians, they make any party better!!


     Book Nick and the Heartbeats now! Don't even think twice! Aside from being the most professional band we have met- it didn't even sounds like a band was playing. Nick and the Heartbeats sound like the real thing! All of our guests were blown away by the band and our music. They flowed the music perfectly and made sure everyone was included, old and young guests! The Heartbeats definately made our wedding a party noone will ever forget!


     "That band was worth every penny." That is what our Best Man said to us at the end of the night- and I could not agree more. The Heartbeats were such an amazing asset to our Wedding and pretty much made our Wedding what it was. So many people raved the Wedding was one of the best they have been too. The dance floor was literally packed all night. Nick and the whole gang really know how to keep a crowd moving and having a good time. From the moment they announced us as Bride & Groom... to the very last song there was always someone dancing. They say they pride themselves in sounding just like the artist they are singing and I would have to back that up 100%. At times, I had to remind myself that it was the band singing b/c they sounded identical to the artist. I'm not sure where else you will find a band that can play and sound like Frank Sinatra and Lady Gaga in the same night! Their play list is literally pages and pages long and if a song you want is not one there, they will learn it for you. They don't put a set list together in order to keep the dance scene fresh... If they notice a song isn't working with the crowd they switch it up on the spot. They have multiple packages to chose from and from searching around their price for a 10-piece Band (plus 2 light techs) is really reasonable. We went with their basic package which included a CD playing at Cocktail Hour and 4 hours of non-stop band time (they don't take set breaks accept during dinner). I could go on and on about Nick & the Heartbeats. I was so happy I decided to book them. They really made our Wedding spectacular.


     The Heartbeats are by far the best band around. Without them our wedding wouldn't have been the same! All of the band members are very friendly and a pleasure to work with. Throughout the course of our wedding there was never a guest sitting down, everyone was out of their seat dancing and having an amazing time. The music was awesome and the song selections are great! Hopefully we’ll have the chance to work with them again in the future!


     Fabulous Band and super easy to work with! Nic always got back to me within 24 hours-even less sometimes. They have a huge selection of songs and will cater to your crowd--my actor friends had full on Gaga routines and they kept the band going! I'd recommend them to anyone!


     I know that the other reviews on this site are all excellent in their praise for the Heartbeats but they don't nearly begin to express how SPECTACULAR they are not just as performers but as quality people in all ways. Our wedding was on Sunday, August 28th - the day after Hurricane Irene. Hours before the start of the wedding we didn't know if it was going to happen due to flooding and road blockages but things got worked out and the Heartbeats were there ready to rock at the appointed time despite having a gig in NY the night before which means that they travelled back to Philly at the height of the storm. Everyone at our wedding could not get over how great the band was. Add to that how easy they are to deal with and I don't know why anyone would ever choose another band. Thank you Nick and the rest of the band for a most memorable event. My only regret is that I can't rate you a 10 on this scale of 5!


     Wow! These guys are the BEST! All of our guests were on the dance floor all night! They played everything from classic oldies, to Lady Gaga! The Heartbeats pride themselves on sounding like the artist that originally sang the song, and they absolutely do! The Heartbeats are worth every penny!! So many guests have said that our wedding was so much fun. They even played some background music during the cocktail hour. Look no further, this is the best band wedding band around!


     Hiring the Heartbeats was probably the best investment I made in my wedding. As a wedding planner in the industry, I have heard and hired them several times for clients and knew they were exactly who I wanted at my wedding. Not a single person was sitting during the night, they literally had everyone on the dance floor. All night everyone was asking me where I found the band and telling me how absolutely phenomenal they are. You know you have a good band when they can perform Sinatra and Gaga and sound absolutely incredible doing it. People of all ages were dancing throughout the night, even our grandparents. Thank you to Nick and the band for making our wedding the best party our guests have ever been to!


     AMAZING!!! We got married in NYC but 2 of our family members recommended The Heartbeats so we went down to South Jersey to check them out. We booked them the next day. The band was the most important to us as we know that is what gets the crowd going. The band is out of this world! They are just amazing to listen to and every single guest was asking us where we found a band so incredible. They sound just like the original artists and I loved that they really get the crowd going. The dance floor was packed all night and we didn’t want the party to end! Our family still takes about how great the band was. You cannot go wrong booking this band- they will make your wedding the best ever. Thank you to Nick and the band!


     We actually booked the Heartbeats without having ever heard them (my parents were at a wedding the night we got engaged and this was the band). Booking the Heartbeats was the best decision we made! They kept our guests on the dance floor the entire night and we have spoken to so many people that have told us "that was the best wedding band ever!" Nick was great to work with and always just a phone call away. The members of the band had the most unbelievable voices and every song was better than the last. I don't think I ever stopped dancing!


     This band was recommended to us by a guest of 2 weddings that they saw this band at!! We went to see them at Octo, the old Rock Lobster and loved them. They were energetic, creative and sounded amazing. They sang alot of variety and too many ages. We only had a short phone conversation with Nick leading up to the wedding and we felt confident that he could pull the night off with the band and his ideas and experience. The night of the wedding everyone danced all night, they knew what worked for the crowd and played it. They even let my dad sing two songs with them and he totally rocked out. He used to be in a band so it was alot of fun to watch him jump in spontaneously!! All of the guests raved about the horns, the crowd interaction, the great sound of the Italain song "Time to say Goodbye" and the energy. It was great!!!


     I cannot thank The Heartbeat's enough for not only showing up at our wedding in a blizzard (Dec.19th, 2009), but for the making the night absolutely incredible!!!!!!! I couldn't have imagined booking anyone else. They are so talented! Everyone left our wedding in amazement. I had countless people telling me that they were the best band they have ever heard at wedding. And we agree! Thanks again for everything!!!        Kim and Eric

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